Starboard YL5-XDLA

The Starboard YL5-XDLA interactive display is EDLA (Education License Agreement) certified, which enhances its integration with the Google ecosystem, including Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

This certification allows educators to access their Google accounts, files, and collaborative tools directly through the StarBoard SBS Note software, improving the teaching process.

Starboard’s flagship Interactive Flat Panel Display YL5 XDLA  is the pinnacle of cutting-edge technology combined with an immersive sound experience. This screen boasts a Hi-Fi sound system and EDLA certification and delivers unparalleled audio-visual excellence.

Elevate your presentations, meetings, and entertainment with crystal-clear visuals and immersive sound quality. Experience innovation at its finest with the IFPD YL5 XDLA, where superior performance meets exceptional design.

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