StarBoard WhiteBoards

The StarBoard Interactive Whiteboards are an excellent choice for those who want an interactive whiteboard that is both simple and effective.

StarBoard FX98E2 / 104WE2

The StarBoard interactive whiteboard is the largest interactive whiteboard on the market, with a 104″ interactive area. It uses StarBoard interactive software based on infrared touch technology and supports multi-touch and finger-driven input.

WhiteBoards StarBoard FX-89E2

StarBoard FX89WE2

The StarBoard FX89WE2 has a 16:9 Ratio, StarBoard Interactive Software, Infrared Touch Technology, Multi-Touch, and Finger-Driven Technology.

StarBoard FX79E2

The StarBoard FX79E2 is an interactive whiteboard that uses infrared touch technology for multi-touch input. Designed for use with the StarBoard interactive software suite.

WhiteBoards StarBoard FX-79E2

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