Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Starboard’s All-in-one Video Conferencing Product has an integrated 4K Camera, 4 Microphones and 2 x 15W Speakers, and fantastic software tools allowing remote meetings and lessons. With Zero Air-Gap Starboard, TE-YL6 provides the perfect Glide Touch Experience. Plus, you get the extra advantage of all three Starboard Software to help with seamless remote engagement.



StarBoard interactive whiteboards bring finger-driven interactivity to your classroom or conference room. These models combine simplicity in design and solid surface with the latest interactive technology.


StarBoard’s software is designed to support educators in embracing digital teaching and learning.
A great tool for classrooms, it allows educators to create engaging and interactive presentations. The floating toolbar is customisable, making it easy for educators to focus on their presentations.


Starboard’s accessories. Various accessories available for StarBoard’s interactive displays can help users get the most out of their panel’s features and capabilities.

Our accessories are built to be as reliable, durable, and high performing as any StarBoard interactive display.

Many options are available for classroom mounts and stands, so you can configure your classroom exactly how you want it. Remember the weight and size of your interactive displays and the type of mount or stand that best suits your needs. 

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