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Our Core Values

StarBoard aims to revolutionize both education and the workplace for the betterment of all. By assisting our clients in maximizing the benefits of innovative technology, we strive to create a brighter future for individuals and their communities.


StarBoard is a global leader in innovative technology solutions

StarBoard is a worldwide leader in innovative technology solutions designed to enhance collaboration, communication, and interaction for businesses and organizations. Our products are widely adopted across various sectors, such as education, healthcare, government, and business.

Based in Berlin, Germany, StarBoard EMEA has an extensive history of creating state-of-the-art products that boost productivity and efficiency for businesses and individuals. Continuously expanding its product line and entering new markets, StarBoard Solutions is committed to enhancing how people work and collaborate.

As a top manufacturer of interactive technology solutions, StarBoard has a distribution network spanning over 70 countries. Our products are ideal for fostering collaboration and connecting people and businesses worldwide.

Our Passion

We’re an e-learning company, and our passion is to create an environment that allows organizations and education environments to embrace, collaborate and interact with technology.

StarBoard Software

StarBoard software solutions are interactive, intuitive and collaborative, making connecting easy for users.

StarBoard Hardware​

Starboard's Interactive displays and whiteboards transform daily meetings and lessons into lively, engaging environments.

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