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Starboard YL5-XDLA

StarBoard YL5-XDLA model Coming Soon

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Our StarBoard YL5-XDLA is EDLA Certified

Our NEW  StarBoard YL5-XDLA Excels with Google EDLA Certification!

StarBoard is proud to announce its achievement of the Google EDLA certification, showcasing our commitment to excellence and to providing top-quality service to our customers.


StarBoard QS-105
New Large Format

The StarBoard QS-105 is an interactive display that offers various benefits, such as a broader field of view, improved productivity, less strain on the eyes, enhanced collaboration, and tailored collaboration solutions for educators.

Our New 105″ IFPD is part of the StarBoard ecosystem, which includes software like SBS, StarClass, and SBS Note. It is designed to enhance teaching and learning experiences through digitalisation.

Enterprise Solutions

Elevate Every Interaction

With our interactive displays for meetings, advanced learning tools, and collaborative features, the StarBoard ecosystem transforms spaces into dynamic, interactive work environments for enhanced teamwork.

Education Solutions

Tailored Collaboration for Educators

For more than ten years, we’ve provided educators with tools that enhance teaching. Whether for interactive displays or WhiteBoards, the StarBoard ecosystem enriches the teaching and learning experience.

StarBoard WhiteBoard

Simple, Effective, Interactive Technology

Interactive SmartBoard


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StarBoard FX79E2

Infrared touch technology allows for multi-touch input, and when used with StarBoard Software, it delivers a powerful interactive experience.

StarBoard FX89WE2

StarBoard Interactive Software, Infrared Touch Technology, Multi-Touch, and Finger-Driven Technology.


StarBoard FX104WE2

The largest interactive whiteboard for those who want to use an interactive whiteboard in their classroom or office.


The StarBoard Software Suite, which includes SBS, StarClass, and SBS Note, is designed to be intuitive, user-friendly, and customisable, improving the digital experience for educators.

Every StarBoard product comes with this software suite at no extra charge and without any annual renewal fees.

StarBoard Software for interactive devices to help with board and classroom learning.

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